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The Romanovs Through Their Shutter: The Unseen Family Photos

Tsar Nicholas II

In this photograph, Nicholas II is looking directly over his shoulder at the photographer.  In this moment, the viewer can see that Nicholas was interrupted in his lunch and conversation in order to pose quickly for the photo.  

Nicholas Relating a Story during Lunch.jpg

In this candid snapshot of Nicholas II he is telling a story during an outside lunch as the other participants smile while listening.  This image is particularly striking because the tsar is relaxed and happy.  His image of an autocratic ruler is not seen here.  

Nicholas and Alexandra playing chess.jpg

In the same year that the Standart was launched, Nicholas II started to take photos of himself and his family.  He began to include photos in his personal diary and created his first photo album.  He also encouraged his daughters to do this as well.  This photo is particularly interesting for the direct gaze that the Tsar gives the photographer.  

Nicholas reading a letter 1916.JPG

In this rare photograph, the viewer is given an unlikely image of Nicholas, one in which he is in deep thought.  The letter he is reading is from an unknown source, yet its contents must have been serious as he is not distracted by the photographer.  

Nicholas on the ground.jpg

Crawling in the ground, in the unlikely Nicholas II.  It appears he is searching for something or laying in wait.  It is an artistic image of the last tsar of Russia.