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The Romanovs Through Their Shutter: The Unseen Family Photos

The Royal Children

Memories of the Russian Court

In this excerpt from Anna’s memoirs, she describes life on the Standart with the royal family.  Time was spent on leisure activities such as tennis, walks, reading, or playing with the children.    Anna also discusses the sailors who were assigned to each royal child, more specifically Derevanko, Alexis’s sailor.  However, Anna ends her passage by claiming that all the “loyal” sailors turned on the royal family during the revolution.  

The Real Romanovs : as revealed by the late Czar's physician and his son.

According to many who knew the royal children, they did not have any friends; therefore, Gleb Botkin’s account of his time spent onboard the Standart as a child is very significant.  As the son of the royal court physician, he along with his sister, was invited to stay and play with the royal children.  In this selection, he describes his first meeting with the Grand Duchess Olga as one of embarassment because he did not like to kiss the back of a female's hand.  Olga in turn brought her hand up naturally to his mouth, and he was able to be spared the embarrassment of not kissing her hand publicly.  Botkin also described how Alexis was bratty and spoiled, but he grew to be close to Grand Duchess Marie and Anastasia.    

Thirteen years at the Russian court : A personal record of the last years and death of the Czar Nicholas II. and his Family.

Written by Alexis’s tutor, Thirteen Years at the Russian Court provides insight into the personalities of the Romanov family.  In this excerpt, Gilliard describes the special bond Alexis had with his family as the only boy and one with an incurable illness.  In contrast to Alexis being doted on, Grand Duchess Olga, as the eldest daughter, was independent and very witty.  

Grand Duchess Roller Skating on board the Standart

In this fun, spontaneous photograph, one of the Grand Duchesses is seen rollerskating with the help of the Standart crew.

Grand Duchesses Gathering Flowers

The Grand Duchhesses appear to be angelic while gathering flowers and posing for the camera during their outing.  

At the Court of the Last Tsar: Being the Memoirs of A.A. Mossolov, Head of the Court Chancellery, 1900-1916

Aleksandr A. Mossolov, as Head of the Court Chancellery, was very powerful and had close proximity to the Romanov family.  Being as such he was invited on family vacations aboard the Standart.  In this excerpt from his book, he describes the relationship between Rear-Admiral Lomen and Nicholas as one of respect.  Furthermore, he describes the role of the diadkas, or the children's personal sailors, and the crew in their relationship with the royal family.  Both the diadkas and the crew were very close to the family and the crew were allowed to partake in the royal family's games while the officers were invited to their meals.  

Autographs of the Royal Family<br />
Collected on the royal yacht, Standart.
  1. Grand Duchess Tatiana

  2. Grand Duchess Maria

  3. Emperor Nicholas II

  4. Empress Alexandra

  5. Grand Duchess Olga

  6. Grand Duchess Anastasia

  7. Admiral Chagin

  8. Dr. Botkin

  9. Baron Frederick, Minister of Court

  10. Aide de Camp Drenteln

  11. Aide de Camp Narishkime

  12. All others are officers of the Standart

The Royal Children