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The Romanovs Through Their Shutter: The Unseen Family Photos

The Imperial Family in Official Photographs

Imperial Family formal image.JPG

This image of the Romanov family has become one of the most widely published images of the imperial family since their deaths.  As a commercially printed image, it would have been approved by Nicholas II and Alexandra before being mass produced.  Note the simple dresses and jewelry of Alexandra and the older Grand Duchesses, while Alexis wraps his arm around his older sister, Anastasia.  

Tsar Nicholas and Alexis .JPG

From my Album: Sixty photographs of her majesty the sovereign empress Alexandra Feodorovna at first glance appears to be a souvenir album of the imperial family.  Originally published to raise money for wounded soldiers, the album was a way for the Russian people to have access to the private lives of their sovereigns.  Although the title suggests that these are personal photographs of Alexandra's, these photos were hand picked by Alexandra to represent the image that she wanted the public to have of her family.  Therefore, in this image of Nicholas II and Alexis, they appear to be autocratic showing the dynastic line of the present and future.  

The Imperial Family in Official Photographs